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We are releasing new product! SOL PRO 3D scanner from Scan Dimension is a high accuracy desktop scanner for small and mid-sized objects.

This versatile, yet easily operated, scanner integrates seamlessly into any 3D workflow where the precision and quality make it a perfect partner for quality assurance, product inspection, prototyping, and a qualified addition to 3D printing tasks.

(Atlanta, GA) July 13th, 2021 –IronCAD today introduces SYNERGY Platform, a powerful new cloud-based collaboration platform from the leader in design productivity of 3D CAD solutions. The IronCAD SYNERGY Platform creates a newfound synergy between design and sales teams to store, configure, share, manage, and view design data with team members and external clients, all in one place.   

The SYNERGY Platform enables organizations to stay competitive and seek new levels of collaboration and agility. When it comes to collaboration and data management, the IronCAD SYNERGY Platform was made to improve the way teams work, design, and collaborate. It supports remote working and collaboration environments efficiently.

With the SYNERGY Platform, users have access to SYNERGY Vault, a secure cloud-based data vault. Users are able to manage, version, release, and view IronCAD files, as well as manage other file types all within a secure cloud-based vault.

Each company account of the Synergy Platform will have up to 10GB of free data storage space per company. Additionally, sales teams, customers, and suppliers may configure products and communicate design concepts and changes on the cloud with the SYNERGY Configurator. Users can share configurations with the design team to make edits and to seamlessly convert data to production designs with IronCAD products to speed up the design-to-order process.

“Introducing Synergy Platform affirms IronCAD’s commitment to our customers in improving their sales, design process, and collaboration experience in remote working environments,” stated Dr. Tao-Yan Han, President of IronCAD. “Synergy Platform was designed to give customers an easy-to-use platform that can expand as the needs of our customers grow.” he continued.

IronCAD’s new powerful cloud-based collaboration platform enables organizations to streamline workflows and extend their sales-design-manufacturing ecosystem from the desktop to the cloud with seamless connection to the SYNERGY platform.

Using tools, preparing a hex mesh, and everything else you need to know to get started with Coreform Cubit

On Friday, June 18th at 10am MDT, Coreform Director of Product Management Greg Vernon will introduce how the Coreform Cubit meshing software can generate high quality meshes for engineering simulation to accelerate your product development and reduce costs. In the webinar, we will demonstrate how to use Coreform Cubit to prepare various types of meshes, including 2D triangular and quadrilateral meshes, and 3D tetrahedral/hexahedral/mixed meshes. Additionally, we will introduce Coreform Cubit’s simulation preprocessing capabilities, including how to make material assignments and assign boundary & load conditions to prepare models for simulation.

Coreform Cubit is a premier meshing software whose advanced tools can help you reduce the costs of physical prototyping and testing. Our pre-processing capabilities allow users to minimize time spent on model preparation for FEA and CFD, while maximizing control over mesh quality. This webinar will help new users get started learning how to get the most out of Coreform Cubit.

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